Synthesis - Diamond edition - “Enfance”


Diamond edition    

The most successful Marakò models over the years, enclosed in a jewel.

Modular collection in diamond-cut multicolor aquamarine, pink opalmilk aquamarine and cultured pearls.


Rose-gold plated 925 silver.





  1. Choose at least two pieces (bracelet, necklace or Torchon-Bands)

  2. Join them with the Jewel-Clasp you like best

  3. Add the pendants

  4. Use the little Chain for pendants, to create various lengths

Orecchini acquamarina multicolor

Orecchini acquamarina multicolor


1) choose at least 2 pieces (bracelet, necklace or diamond-cut Torchon-Bands)

Join the necklace and the bracelet
to obtain a unique jewel

Alternate the colors of the precious Torchon-Bands,

join them using the



a different way

to wear your

Synthesis Jewel


2) join them with the Jewel-Clasps


smooth or zirconia finish

Each Synthesis modular piece of jewelry includes

a Basic-Clasp :

a delicate spring clasp that will allow you to close or join together your Synthesis jewels, invisibly, as if it were an ornamental ring.


Variable Jewel Clasps

  • indispensable for joining the Torchon-Bands.


You can also use them:

  • to extend a bracelet,

  • hook more pendants,

  • or simply to give light and shape to your Synthesis jewel.




All Jewel-Clasps are compatible with all modular pieces.


The small Jewel-Clasp with cubic zirconia, if used to join two Torchon-Bands, must be applied at the narrowest point of the ring at the end of each one


The other 3 Jewel-Clasps, having a wider opening, can instead easily connect at any point.


Bracelet and Torchon-Band,

joined by a luminous


with cubic zirconia


asimmetrico Marakò"


wonderful with or without pendants

Each piece can be composed in a different way.


By attaching your bracelet to one of the Torchon-Bands, you will get the Marakò asymmetrical necklace, one of the most popular models over the years.

Some ideas to assemble the jewels you have chosen

Necklace and Torchon-Band,

joined by a smooth finish Jewel-Clasp ,

with an essential and super contemporary look

3) add at least one pendant to give new shape to your Synthesis Jewel


and Chain for pendants,


Don't lose the Basic-Clasp you already have,

you may need it soon!



Each band, each necklace and each bracelet includes a Basic Clasp.

By purchasing two pieces (2 bands or band + bracelet) to create a necklace, there will be one extra Basic-Clasp remaining (see image on the left) .

This can be used later to attach the pendants to the same necklace, using the little "Chain for pendants" , obtaining various lengths with a hanging cluster effect.



Further Basic-Clasps can be purchased separately, to hook multiple pendants with a waterfall effect.

Chain for pendants
usable in many ways

4) use the little Chain for pendants, to create various lengths

also perfect with the Enfance bracelet