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Express your femininity
every day in a different way

Moonlight striscia.jpg

Decidi tu quando cambiare luce e quale verso di te mostrare


choose the moonlight chain



select the matching earrings , smooth finish or with zirconia



Wear them simple or with your favorite pendants and change whenever you want

Moonlight chains

925 sterling silver

rhodium - gold - rose gold plated

Customizable Moonlight earrings

Collezione Moonlight modella .jpg

Moonlight pendants

Cultured pearls

Moonlight Ciondolo2.JPG

Rose gold plated silver

Gold plated silver

Rhodium silver

Make sparkling combinations with the brightest colors,


choose elegant shades for a professional outfit

Orecchini Moonlight Bianco e Nero.jpg

For your earrings

try to combine different colors too!


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