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Synthesis Opaline


modular collection


With a few pieces you get many different jewels

First proposed composition: Marakò asymmetrical collier, one of the most loved classics over the years.

Obtained by combining the Opaline bracelet and the luminous pearl Torchon-Band, by means of a brilliant Jewel-Clasp * with cubic zirconia. 


* A Jewel-Clasp is necessary to use any Torchon-Band

The Opaline bracelet can be worn as a simple bracelet or joined with the other components of the Opaline block to create different jewels

Synthesis Opaline

modular collection


Vary the pearl band with the diamond-cut garnet band to change the color of your necklace


Now you can also connect the two bands , obtaining a torchon necklace

Last proposed composition: long necklace with torchon and handcrafted silver loops.


Only one jewel clasp is missing to get it


Assemble your modular pieces by means of another jewel clasp, to get a completely different necklace


Synthesis modular jewellery can be assembled in many different ways,  by adding other modular elements of the same block from time to time.

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