Diamond edition    

The most successful Marakò models over the years, enclosed in a jewel.

Synthesis - Diamond edition - “Opaline”

Modular collection in diamond-cut garnet, pink opal and cultured pearls .

925 silver, rose-gold plated.




  1. Choose at least two pieces (bracelet, necklace or Torchon-Bands)

  2. Join them with the Jewel-Clasp you like best

  3. Add the pendants

  4. Use the little Chain for pendants, to create various lengths

Orecchini sfere tessute a mano in granato diamond

Orecchini sfere tessute a mano in granato diamond


1) choose at least 2 pieces (bracelet, necklace or diamond-cut Torchon-Bands)

Join the necklace and the bracelet
to create a unique jewel


Alternate the colors of the precious Torchon-Bands,

join them using the 



a different way

to wear your

Synthesis Jewel

Join 2 or more Torchon-Bands to create a short or long necklace

2) join them with the Jewel-Clasps

Each Synthesis modular jewel includes

a Basic-Clasp:

a delicate spring clasp that will allow you to close or join your Synthesis jewels, invisibly, as if it were an ornamental ring.


Variable Jewel-Clasps

  • indispensable for joining the Fasce-Torchon.


You can also use them:

  • to extend a bracelet,

  • hook more pendants,

  • or simply to give light and shape to your Synthesis jewel.



All Jewel-Clasps are compatible with all modular pieces.


The small Jewel-Clasp with cubic zirconia, if used to join two Torchon-Bands, must be applied at the narrowest point of the ring at the end of each one.

The other 3 Jewel-Clasps, having a wider opening, can instead easily connect at any point.



smooth or zirconia finish

3) add at least one pendant to give new shape to your Synthesis jewel

Also perfect with the Opaline bracelet


and Chain for pendants,


Don't lose the Basic-Clasp you already have,

you may need it soon!

4) use the little Chain for pendants to hook additional ones, creating various lengths

Basic Clasp


Each band, each necklace and each bracelet includes a Basic Clasp.

By purchasing two pieces (2 bands or band + bracelet) to create a necklace, a Basic Clasp (see photo below) will be extra .

This can be used later to attach the pendants to the same necklace, by means of the "Chain for pendants", obtaining various lengths.



Further Basic Clasps can be purchased separately, to hook multiple pendants with a waterfall effect.

Chain for pendants
Usable in many ways