Synthesis Enfance


modular collection

Proposed composition: long necklace

obtained by combining the Enfance necklace with the matching bracelet.

The standard Basic-Clasp has been replaced with the Jewel-Clasp with cubic zirconia, for a brilliant effect.

Collana Enfance


Bracciale Enfance


Chiusura con zirconi piccola


the 2 modular jewels can be worn

  • as they are: The short necklace and the bracelet (simple, with their Basic-Clasp*, or illuminated by the Jewel-Clasp)

  • or joined: obtaining a long necklace

* The Enfance bracelet and the necklace can also be joined with the simple Basic Clasp, already supplied.


Synthesis modular jewellery can be assembled in many different ways,  by adding other modular elements of the same block from time to time.

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Synthesis Boréale


modular collection

Bracciale Boréale


Fascia quarzo rosa diamond


Chiusura con zirconi grande


Proposed composition: Marakò asymmetrical collier, one of the most loved classics over the years.

Obtained by combining the Boréale bracelet and the luminous diamond-cut rose quartz Torchon-Band, by means of the brilliant Jewel-Clasp * with cubic zirconia. Everything shine in this jewel.

* A Jewel-Clasp is necessary to use any Torchon-Band

The Boréale bracelet can be worn as a simple bracelet or joined with the other components of the Boréale block to create different jewels




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